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EMPOWERING LIVES WORLDWIDE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering lives worldwide. Our team of passionate volunteers work tirelessly to build wells, schools, and distribute food to those in need. Join us in our efforts to make a positive impact, one smile at a time!

Meet the Dedicated Hearts Behind UFGD

Welcome to the heart of, where passion, purpose, and compassion converge. Get to know the remarkable individuals who fuel our mission and drive positive change. Our diverse team embodies the spirit of giving, each playing a vital role in uplifting lives around the world. Discover the faces behind our initiatives, united by a common goal: to make a tangible difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Join us in celebrating the dedication and inspiration that shape's transformative journey.


Co-Founder - UFGD, AYYAD

Daoud Barhum

Co-Founder and Visionary


Meet Daoud Barhum, the visionary co-founder behind the creation of UFGD.. With a heart deeply committed to the well-being of the less fortunate, Daoud's determination led to the establishment of this transformative platform. His steadfast belief in the principle of helping those in need, guided by a sense of shared humanity, drove him to initiate UFGD's journey. Daoud's leadership and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the organization's mission and impact. His passion for enriching lives serves as an inspiration, igniting positive change and embodying the very essence of UFGD's ethos.


Outreach Director

Hatem Barhum

Forging Connections as Outreach Director


Meet Hatem Barhum, the driving force and Outreach Director behind's impactful connections. With a profound dedication to building bridges and fostering meaningful relationships, Hatem navigates the realm of outreach with purpose. His strategic approach and empathetic nature have amplified our mission, ensuring that our initiatives extend their reach far and wide. Hatem's commitment to linking hearts and uniting efforts shines brightly in his role as Outreach Director, where he channels his passion for positive change into meaningful collaborations and partnerships.


Social Media Director

Ishmael Ayesh

Illuminating Compassion as Social Media Director


Meet Ishmael Ayesh, the creative force and Social Media Director behind's impactful online presence. With a deep passion for connecting hearts and spreading the message of compassion, Ishmael navigates the digital landscape with purpose. His strategic insights and innovative approach have amplified our mission, ensuring that our initiatives resonate with a global audience. Ishmael's dedication to uplifting the less fortunate shines through his commitment to the role of Social Media Director, where he leverages the power of technology to foster positive change and inspire meaningful action.


Co-Founder - UFGD, AYYAD

Ayub Haroun

Co-Founder and Catalyst for Change


Meet Ayub Haroun, the visionary co-founder whose passion gave birth to UFGD. With a heart ablaze for aiding those in need, Ayub's unwavering commitment led to the inception of this transformative platform. His profound belief in the potential of collective efforts to uplift lives drove the establishment of UFGD's mission. Ayub's entrepreneurial spirit and compassionate soul have shaped the organization's purpose and impact. As a catalyst for change, his dedication has set the stage for a world where kindness and empathy thrive. Ayub Haroun's legacy lives on through the ongoing work of UFGD, illuminating a path of hope for generations to come.


Project Director/Manager

Raed Abdallah

Guiding Transformation as Project Manager


Introducing Raed Abdallah, the proficient Project Manager at the helm of's impactful initiatives. With a wealth of expertise and dedication, Raed steers our projects towards success, ensuring that every endeavor aligns seamlessly with our mission. His strategic leadership and hands-on approach empower our team to make a lasting difference in the lives of the less fortunate. Raed's commitment to fostering positive change resonates deeply in his role as Project Manager, and his relentless pursuit of excellence fuels's journey of transformation.


IT Director

Ali Ibrahim

Crafting Excellence as IT Director

Meet Ali Ibrahim, the mastermind and IT Director behind the seamless technology that powers With an unwavering dedication to innovation and efficiency, Ali ensures that our digital presence aligns flawlessly with our mission. His technical prowess and meticulous attention to detail have elevated our online platforms, enabling us to reach and impact more lives. Ali's commitment to harnessing technology for good resonates deeply in his role as IT Director, where he combines his passion for humanitarian work with his expertise to drive positive change.

Meet Our Financial Steward


Get acquainted with the meticulous mind behind's financial landscape. Our Finance Manager, accessible at, ensures every contribution is thoughtfully managed to maximize its impact. With a keen eye for detail and a heart for responsible stewardship, she plays a vital role in our mission of enriching lives. Join us in acknowledging her dedication to transparency, accountability, and ensuring that every dollar drives positive change.

And the over 2000 volunteers worldwide!

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