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Food Packages: Nourishing Lives, One Box at a Time


Introducing our Food Packages – a tangible embodiment of compassion and sustenance. Each carefully curated box contains an array of non-perishable goods, thoughtfully selected to provide nourishment for a family of four for an entire month. With every Food Package, you extend a lifeline to those facing food insecurity, ensuring that their basic needs are met with dignity and care.


Inside each box, you'll find a variety of essential items that cater to diverse dietary needs. From grains and pulses to canned goods and nutritional supplements, these packages go beyond sustenance – they symbolize solidarity and hope. By contributing to our Food Packages, you become a source of comfort and support for families in need, alleviating their worries and granting them the strength to thrive. Join us in making a meaningful difference as we extend the gift of nourishment, one box at a time.


Price Options
One-time purchase
Food Package Yearly
"Yearly Sustenance, Lasting Impact: Subscribe to Nourish
$65.00every year until canceled
  • Various non-perishable goods to feed a family of 4 for a month, Typically distributed once a year. 

  • Sales Tax will be shown on your cart at check out. This isn't a sales tax, but a 3.3% credit card processing fee. 

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