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Our Aqiqah service is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the arrival of a newborn, rooted in the values of Islam. This cherished tradition involves the sacrificial offering of animals, symbolizing the joy and blessings that come with a new life. For boys, two goats are sacrificed, while for girls, one goat is offered. Beyond the act itself, Aqiqah holds deep spiritual significance, strengthening family bonds and fostering a spirit of giving back to the community.


What sets our Aqiqah service apart is the profound impact it has on those in need. The meat from the sacrificed animals is thoughtfully distributed among individuals and families who may be less fortunate. This extension of your generosity ensures that the blessings of Aqiqah reach beyond your own household, creating a ripple of positive change in the wider community. With utmost care and adherence to Islamic principles, we ensure the proper execution of this sacred ritual. Join us in celebrating the beauty of life through our Aqiqah service, where your act of devotion extends blessings to both your family and those in need.


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PriceFrom $300.00
  • It's important to note that the market prices for goats and cows can fluctuate from day to day. While we strive to provide the most accurate estimates at the time of your order, changes in prices may occur between your order placement and the actual procurement of animals. In such cases, if we find that the costs for goats or cows have changed, we may need to request additional funds to ensure the successful execution of your Aqiqah. Rest assured, any adjustments will be made transparently and in accordance with your preferences.

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