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Introducing: United Foundation for Global Development

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

How It All Began: A Journey of Compassion, Unity, and Lasting Impact

Every organization has started from a spark of hope or catalyst to make some thing better or right. Here is our story:

Introduction: A Gathering of Hearts and Minds

In the sprawling city of Los Angeles, where dreams often collide and intertwine, destiny orchestrated a meeting that would spark a movement of hope, compassion, and lasting change. It was at a gathering that Daoud Barhum first crossed paths with Ayub Haroun. As Ayub shared the heart-wrenching conditions faced by people in Ghana and other parts of West Africa, he sought the support of fellow Muslims to make a difference. Daoud, moved by Ayub's words and driven by an innate desire for positive change, embarked on a journey that would change lives across continents.

A Glimpse of Reality: From Friendship to Shared Purpose

Daoud's determination led him to befriend Ayub and accompany him on a transformative journey to Ghana. Witnessing firsthand the stark realities of poverty and deprivation, Daoud was deeply moved. The scenes he encountered painted a vivid picture of people living in challenging conditions, yet their spirits remained unwavering. The experience was a catalyst, igniting a burning desire within Daoud and Ayub to bring about tangible change and provide hope to these communities.

United by their shared purpose, Daoud and Ayub embarked on a mission to create sustainable projects that would enrich the lives of those less fortunate. They began building wells, schools, and even establishing a youth group—all driven by their own initiative and dedication. Their actions were unassuming, born out of the genuine desire to make a difference, and their efforts were fueled solely by their commitment to humanity.

A Tribute of Love: Honoring Izdehar Abdelwahhab's Legacy

While on the other side of the world, the story of Izdehar Abdelwahhab unfolded—a story of resilience, humility, and unwavering love. Despite facing hardships throughout her life, Izdehar remained an embodiment of grace and compassion. Her battle with cancer was a painful reality faced by her loved ones, including Raed Abdallah and Ishmael Ayesh. As they prepared to say goodbye to this cherished soul, they were driven by the desire to honor her legacy in a meaningful way.

The challenge was to find an organization that would reflect Izdehar's values and make a profound impact. Raed, already aware of Daoud's endeavors in Ghana, reached out to him with a unique proposal: to collaborate on a project that would be a fitting tribute to Izdehar's legacy. The connection was made, and the seeds of collaboration were sown.

A Journey to Completion: Masjid Izdehar and the Birth of UFGD

Over nine months of tireless efforts, collaboration, and unwavering determination, the dream of honoring Izdehar's legacy took shape. Masjid Izdehar, a symbol of hope and humility, emerged as a reality—a testament to the love and dedication that fueled its creation. Just days before Izdehar's passing we surprised her with the announcement of the project, bringing her comfort and solace to her final moments, however Izdehar didn't live long enough to see the completion of the mosque honoring her.

In November 2020, Raed, Ishmael, and Daoud's brother Hatem Barhum joined Daoud in Ghana for the grand opening of Masjid Izdehar. This pivotal trip, marked by shared experiences and a deepened understanding of the impoverished conditions faced by humble communities, forged an unbreakable bond among these individuals.

Birth of a Vision: United Foundation for Global Development

This journey of friendship, compassion, and unity gave rise to a transformative idea—United Foundation for Global Development (UFGD). What began as a grassroots concept evolved into a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide affordable, sustainable, and impactful projects to communities in need. UFGD specializes in projects that serve individuals with big hearts and limited resources, empowering them with opportunities and hope.

As we reflect on our journey, we celebrate three years since UFGD's establishment. With over 500 sponsored projects spanning 13 countries, the impact of our collective efforts resonates across borders. Today, we extend an invitation to you, our global community, to join us as sponsors, donors, or volunteers. Experience firsthand the profound joy of giving from the heart, of empowering those with little to achieve great things, and of making a meaningful difference in the world.

I thank you for reading our story and visiting our site. We hope you subscribe to our email list to hear the latest developments and stories to come.

Ishmael Ayesh,

UFGD Director

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