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Newborns held from their Mothers - Ghana

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Empowering Lives Through Compassion: UFGD's Journey in Ghana

At the heart of the United Foundation for Global Development (UFGD) lies a commitment to creating meaningful change by answering the calls for help from communities in need around the world. In the heartlands of Ghana, Africa, UFGD heard the poignant cries of mothers who yearned to hold their newborn babies but were faced with a heartbreaking reality: their infants were held in the maternity ward until medical bills were settled.

Answering the Urgent Call:

The situation was dire – mothers were separated from their newborns, unable to experience the joy and warmth of those precious first moments together. These heartrending stories of separation struck a chord with UFGD and its compassionate donors. Recognizing the urgent need, UFGD's donors swiftly came together to make a transformative difference.

Reuniting Families:

The response was nothing short of inspiring. UFGD donors rallied to pay for the release of twelve newborns, ensuring they could be united with their mothers without the burden of medical bills looming overhead. Each newborn's release was a triumph of compassion and unity, a testament to the power of collective goodwill.

Bridging Hope and Healing:

But the impact didn't stop there. Moved by the touching stories from the maternity ward, UFGD learned that the facility was struggling to accommodate the growing number of mothers and infants seeking care. The maternity ward approached UFGD, requesting assistance in expanding their facilities to better serve the community's needs.

A Beacon of Change:

Once again, UFGD's donors answered the call. A generous donor stepped forward to sponsor the expansion of the maternity ward, ensuring that future mothers and infants would have access to the care and facilities they deserve. The project came to life, a symbol of hope, unity, and the potential for positive transformation that emerges when hearts and hands join forces.

A Heartfelt Transformation:

Today, the newly expanded maternity ward stands as a beacon of change, radiating positivity and embodying the power of compassion. Thanks to UFGD's donors, this facility can now provide care to a larger number of mothers and infants, nurturing lives and building a stronger foundation for the community's well-being.

At UFGD, every project tells a story of unity, empathy, and lasting change. The journey in Ghana exemplifies how compassion can bridge gaps, heal wounds, and empower communities. For more inspiring stories of transformation and to explore UFGD's portfolio of impactful projects, visit our website at Together, let's continue to create a world where every call for help is met with unwavering compassion.

Photos above were taken in Feb. 2023.

Photos above taken at the grand opening ceremony in June 2023.

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