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Hajjar's Vision: A Beacon of Hope for Nsawam


In the heart of Nsawam, Ghana, a lively town adorned with shanty-style shops and bustling with cheerful residents, stood a weathered masjid. This sacred space served as the nucleus of prayer and community for the town's faithful, but its dilapidated state presented significant challenges. The cramped confines left little space for women and children, often compelling them to pray outside amidst the dust and open sewage canals. In the midst of these difficulties, a remarkable woman named Hajjar emerged, determined to transform the masjid and create a sanctuary for all.

Hajjar's Unwavering Resolve:

Hajjar witnessed firsthand the struggles of her community, and she felt an unyielding determination to improve the condition of the masjid. Despite the limited resources of the citizens, she embarked on a mission to seek help from various NGOs that had passed through Nsawam. Many promised assistance, but their commitments remained unfulfilled, leaving the community's hopes hanging in the balance.

Discovering United Foundation for Global Development (UFGD):

In her tireless pursuit of a brighter future for the masjid, Hajjar learned about the United Foundation for Global Development ( Recognizing their reputation for impactful and sustainable projects, she made her plea to them, not just once, but continuously, displaying a tenacity that spoke volumes about her dedication.

A Turning Point:

Moved by Hajjar's unyielding determination, UFGD was eager to assist in making her dream a reality. They embarked on a mission to find a sponsor who would be willing to join them in this transformative endeavor. After tireless efforts, UFGD succeeded in finding a sponsor whose generosity would go beyond expectations, forever altering the landscape of Nsawam.

The Fulfillment of a Dream:

Thanks to the benevolence of the sponsor, the masjid underwent a remarkable transformation. The expansion included a spacious upper level, providing ample room for congregational prayers, and an adjacent office space for the Imam. Simultaneously, the existing masjid was upgraded to accommodate the needs of women and children, creating an inclusive space that had once been only a distant dream.

A Celebration of Community and Dedication:

In September 2023, the project was completed and was commissioned with Directors of and many onlookers from the community. In a touching moment of recognition for Hajjar's unwavering dedication, she was granted the honor of cutting the ribbon to the doors.

Expressions of Gratitude:

In a beautiful display of gratitude, the community bestowed a certificate of appreciation upon the generous sponsor. Additionally, as a token of respect and appreciation deeply rooted in Ghanaian tradition, a live goat was presented, symbolizing the high regard in which the sponsor was held.


Hajjar's unwavering dedication and the collaborative efforts of UFGD and their generous sponsor have not only transformed a masjid in Nsawam but have also illuminated a path of hope and unity for the entire community. This project exemplifies the potential for positive change that lies within us all, illustrating how dreams can become reality when hearts and hands come together in the spirit of compassion.

In Islam, the construction and maintenance of a masjid hold profound significance. The Quran reminds us in Surah Al-Baqarah (2:114) that masjids are places where the name of Allah is mentioned and remembered. Additionally, in Sahih Muslim, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) emphasized the importance of masjids as centers of worship and community. This transformation not only addresses the physical needs of the community but also fulfills a spiritual and communal duty, providing a space for worship, education, and fellowship for generations to come. The project in Nsawam stands as a living testament to the enduring power of faith and community, showcasing the tangible impact of our collective efforts guided by the teachings of Islam. May Allah (SWT) accept and reward all of those who were involved.

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