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Emergency Medical Appeal - Rufaida and Muhammad

Project Type

Medical Appeal


July 2023


Istanbul, Turkey

UFGD's Emergency Medical Appeal stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to humanity. In a race against time, UFGD rallied supporters and donors to raise critical funds for life-saving heart surgeries for two young siblings from Ghana, Muhammad (14 years old) and Rufaida (6 years old). Their journey from Ghana to Istanbul, Turkey, made possible by the compassionate donors of UFGD, represents a beacon of hope and collaboration. Through collective efforts, these brave young hearts found their way to the skilled hands of medical professionals, where their futures were rewritten. UFGD's Emergency Medical Appeal not only mended their physical ailments but also showcased the transformative power of unity, transcending borders to save lives and inspire a global community bonded by compassion and shared purpose.

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